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ASIE's presentation at the Intenational Art and Charity Event


From 17 - 20 May, 2016 ASIE attended the International Art and Charity Event which was held by the Treasures for the Future Association in Paris, France.

This event was to support visual artists from around the world, and to help the Ivorian association ASAPSU in the medical support projects focused on local communities.

The round table discussions on “Art as Social Practice” was an important part of Treasures for the Future. Participants shared their discussions on the connection of art, photography, and craft with various social issues that can change the world of art and that can socially, politically, and philosophically represent the direction of society; as well as discussions on art as a physical object that occupies space versus one that takes on an active role of its own.

ASIE attended the round table and presented the Art Saves Lives Empowerment Model which indicated the organization's interests in supporting the pride of belonging to ethnic minorities in Viet Nam. The two visions of the Model is to empower communities to preserve cultural and art identity and to widely pormote the cultural welfare of minorities through the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology. 

The model is expected to be piloted in Northern Viet Nam, promoted nationwide, scaled up to priority countries and expanded to Africa.